Need To Get Organized? Forget The 'To Do' List

I recently started a personal campaign to get more organized and disciplined in my daily routine. Not an easy task. However, I am far more productive when I do.

I used to write "to do" lists every morning and relished crossing things off. I felt completed. But my to do lists were quite extensive and oftentimes, the list was not completed by the end of the day. I would take the items from the previous list and put it at the top of the next day's list. Over time, this did not prove to be as useful in organizing as expected.

I decided what I needed was not a "to do" list, but a "ToDay List."

This was what I needed to set reasonable expectations with myself on what I could accomplish. And it worked! So I have decided to share my "ToDay List" with you and let you see how well it works for you.