6 Awesome B2B Marketing Tips That Make You Stand Out

Blend into the crowd? Or stand apart? What you do with your marketing and communications can separate you from the competition in a few easy ways. Try these six awesome marketing tips for B2B (business-to-business) marketing that will make you memorable and keep your audiences coming back for more.

1. Interact on social media One time, I got some really excellent service at my bank and I wanted to call attention to it. So I tweeted a shoutout to the guy and the branch and used the bank handle. Not 5 minutes later, I got a reply to my tweet from someone (most likely in PR) from the bank thanking me for my shoutout. I was pleasantly surprised that someone was paying close attention to their chatter, took the time to let me know they saw my post, and planned to take action by recognizing the branch. Needless to say, it was a solidifying moment.

Your brand and your reputation are your most valuable asset. When you silently post standard faire on social channels, don't follow back, and never interact, it tells your audience you don't care about them. Show them you do. Like posts. Follow back. Call out individuals. Be authentic and human. Of course, be professional with what you do but you don't have to be boring or stodgy by calculating every move you make.

2. Optimize your mobile experience

There are statistics all over the place that will tell you about the rise in mobile searches. Consumers are looking for you before you've looked for them. Therefore, you should show up where they are in the best light possible. Mobile optimization is not only good for SEO, it ensures you get the attention you want when they land at your website. With a mobile site, remember this - less is more. Screen sizes are small and hard to read sometimes. Make it easy for them. Say what they need to hear right up front. Remove barriers. Cut down text. Make it fun. Your chances of clickthroughs rise dramatically.

3. Avoid being 'that' email spammer

Let's face it. Nobody likes it but email open and click rates can get depressing. Thinking of all the email YOU sort through each day, what gets attention fastest is a clear offer that is truly compelling and not often seen. Too many emails gets you on the dreaded "Do Not Email" list. But if you have an offer that is consistently sent once a week, for instance, tells your audience what to expect from you.

4. Write killer headlines that get attention

Remember that your audience wants to know what's in it for them ... not you. Headlines need to have a hook that draws your audience and keeps them wanting more. Bad headlines can be a matter of being too short, too long, bad punctuation, too ridiculous ("One Armed Man Applauds Kindness of Strangers), too manipulative ("Read This Article Right Now if You Want to Survive Another Night")

There are several "headline helpers" online. My go-to is CoSchedule which will score your headline based on many factors and also show you how to improve it. Need a place to get inspiration? Try TitleGenerator for a list of headlines based on your keyword.

5. Create catchy content (including vivid viewable videos)

Videos. Good videos are like a great commercial - you don't forget them. You have a couple of routes to take when it comes to video. Tell a story. Make 'em laugh. Give them insight they didn't have. No matter what you choose, be pithy and get to the point in the first 10 seconds of your video. And for heaven's sake, please be organized about it... nothing wastes time more than shooting and editing something that has no strategy or outline to it.

Case studies/Client Stories. In the world of B2B, nothing has the power of persuasion like the stories of success. Your case studies need to be to the point, showcase the client as the winner for choosing your product, and not go on and on about your features and benefits. Can't get a client to go on the record? Write a blind study and tell the story of what the situation was, what happened, and what the results were. You're sure to get people reading when you show them (rather than tell them) what is great about using your product or service.

Blog Posts. Blogs are a great way to demonstrate your knowledge while giving away insight that is useful and practical. Don't be afraid to share a little of your 'secret sauce' to show people what you're thinking about and capable of. People will come back for more.

6. Integrate your channels

Putting all your eggs into one basket is never advisable. If you're going to take the time to create good content, let people know you have it in multiple ways. Tweet it. Post it. Advertise it on your website homepage. Use digital advertising to gain leads with it. Put it in your email signature block. Share it at events. The point is to get it out in multiple ways using the same content and message. Most people need to see things a few times before they get interested so make sure they don't miss it.

Take a few minutes each day to gather your thoughts and organize them around the strategies you'll use to be successful with your clients and prospective customers. Then try a few out. Trust me - you'll get noticed.

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