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Making Health Insurance Easier Yields

10% Margin Growth

Blue Shield of California CalPERS Member Campaign

Health insurance. 


Traditionally associated with high cost, complicated forms, mind-numbing policies, and jargon, consumers tend to make choices based on premium price rather than fully understand what they're buying.


However, with the largest public pension in the country as a client and 1.2M potential members on the line, we needed to rethink our approach to making insurance more accessible and easier to understand.


Connecting To the Real Face of California

Starting with a world-renowned photographer, we set out to capture the true face of the CalPERS employees. From the heartland of the San Joaquin Valley to the fast-paced freeways of Los Angeles, images of real Blue Shield members from every walk of life were captured.


During the two-week tour of the state, the opportunity to meet people and listen to their perspective helped to inform some of the subtle nuances of how we spoke. We listened to their challenges and stories. We related. We connected on a genuine level. We learned that, although the cost was always an issue, most people didn't understand what they were buying because it was too complicated.



A New Approach

Ultimately, the images became the focal point for a new brand approach. The intent was to demonstrate, to both the client (CalPERS) and to the members and prospects, that Blue Shield was not the same as the other options they had. A combination of images, simplified writing, and eye-catching design helped show them what made us different. 


  • We were deeply ingrained in California

  • We understood the diversity of the many areas of the state

  • We, like them, were also tired of insurance that didn't make sense

  • We could use everyday language to explain insurance


The materials were full color and unique shapes, a vast departure from B&W, text-heavy materials they were accustomed to. Through this unique brand, we demonstrated were ready to answer tough questions in straightforward, no-jargon language.

BEFORE                                    |       AFTER

Blue Shield CalPERS Campaign

The Payoff

Attending more than 200 enrollment fairs, we met with thousands of members and brought our simplified approach to life. CalPERS was very pleased with the demonstration of interest in their employees and, ultimately, Blue Shield saw a 10% increase in membership in a single season.

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